Let’s face it, Content Services Platform Solutions require integration into your existing IT infrastructure – regardless if the Content Services Platform solution you choose is On-Premise or Cloud-based. IDT Consulting can work within the IT platforms and technologies that your organization has previously adopted. We can also make informed recommendations on where newer, more advanced technologies should be adopted based on our industry experience and your desire for new functionality or operational efficiencies.

We Take a Low Code Approach

Low-code platforms deliver much of their productivity gains by specializing in certain application solutions, such as case management, document composition, document management, business process management, and more. Modern low-code platforms are designed to work seamlessly with traditional software development languages allowing our developers to extend the capabilities of low-code design tools.

IDT works with modern low code development stacks as well as traditional platforms such as .NET Core, / C#, Java, node.js / MEAN stack and Python / Django. We also incorporate agile development best practices into our project work and can move your development teams forward by introducing new software development disciplines and practices.


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Modernizing your Applications

IDT Consulting has a rich history of identifying an optimal path to modernize in-house, legacy applications across many lines of business systems and IT technology stacks. When it’s time to architect a new, 21st Century platform that will carry your organizational forward, IDT Consulting has a proven methodology and many successful projects that have transformed application delivery to its end users within organizations and even outside of their respective customers to their supply chain partners and/or customers.

IDT Consulting can implement modern web based applications with the precise balance between server-side technologies and client-side technology, using straight-forward workflows, clean interfaces and functional and pleasing web forms and an efficient mobile workforce experience. We recognize that the balancing point is different for every organization, which is why IDT Consulting starts by listening to you and understanding your needs, goals and objectives.

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Rapidly configure content-enabled business applications with a low-code platform

IDT Consulting provides a low-code rapid application configuration platform featuring Hyland OnBase and CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE that minimize the need for costly custom coding and multiple point solutions from different vendors. With IDT Consulting’s expertise, you can replace aging database applications like Access and Lotus Notes while filling in the functionality gaps that exist between your line-of-business systems. Empower your IT staff while supporting a spectrum of content-enabled solutions across your organization on one platform.

Extend your RAD Software Applications with Native Platform Capabilities

Our Content Services Platform solutions featuring OnBase combines the ability to manage documents, processes, and data. You can leverage the native OnBase platform capabilities – including enterprise content management (ECM), case management, business process management (BPM), capture and integrations – for tailored solutions that meet your organization’s business needs today while easily adapting to future technology requirements.

Make a Content Services Platform part of your overall application strategy

By using OnBase and CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE from IDT Consulting as part of your application creation strategy, together, we:

  • Build the application rather than the code – A low-code framework equips us to point-and-click configure business apps at the speed end users expect while meeting corporate demands for governance and control. The beauty of a Rapid Application Development environment (RAD) is you don’t need to be a DBA or developer to create and extend the capabilities of the offering. Use checkboxes, radio buttons, and drop-down menus to configure and change solutions – minimizing expensive, time-consuming and difficult-to-maintain coding or scripting.
  • Minimize IT sprawl - By building applications on a platform, you drastically reduce the number of information silos and disparate solutions you support – whether you deploy it on-premises or in the cloud. Our low code offerings from OnBase and CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE also seamlessly integrates with your other key line of business applications to extend those investments and streamline your IT environment.
  • Effectively respond to the needs of the business – Rapidly deploy applications with robust, out-of-the-box functionality, then easily expand, modify, and improve to meet complex process needs or changing requirements. Tailor solutions to meet specific business needs, whether for a single department or your entire organization.
  • Realize more value, faster – By minimizing the need for time-consuming, costly custom coding and multiple niche vendors, you’ll realize a lower total cost of ownership and a quicker time-to-market.

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